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You search a Hotel in Vienna? There are two possibilities: You can head for Vienna and look for a hotel on arrival. Or you book ahead online. This is recommended and will ensure savings against the rates offered at the hotel desks. The overview on this websites gives you the possibility to compare the prices.

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Save stress!

A  central location makes your stay more comfortable, whether you need to return “home” for a quick siesta, unload some shopping bags or simply fetch a forgettable. All in all, choose the ideal starting point for a memorable and adventurous stay in Vienna.

Save money!

Spend more money in the city, not in the Hotel! Enjoy the comfort and the feeling of having all you need at an affordable price - in a prime location!

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Vienna - in English

The guide to Vienna is a welcome edition to the guidebooks on the Austrian capital. Of course it contains the usual information: how to get there, how to get around, and what there is to see. But this book also tells the reader about other important facts you have to know. The guide also has lots of interesting tidbits of information that most of the more staid guides do not. The maps are excellent, and prices are listed for most attractions. I doubt that a more versatile guide exists.

Hotel Vienna

Austria - in English

This handy guide leads you to the discovery of the splendid Alpine views dominating great part of the Austrian territory, and which attracts visitors both in summer and in winter. You read about Vienna, Salzburg and the other main cities, with hundreds of addresses for restaurants, cafés and taverns. You can't go wrong with this travelling companion.


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