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The Austrian Legal System
Hausmaninger Herbert
Manz Verlag, 2003 , 327 Pages, ISBN: 3214002899


Austrian Business Law
Heller Karl / Löber Heinz / Georg Bahn / Hubner / Horvath
Manz Verlag, Legal, Accounting and Tax Aspects of Business in Austria


Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Austria

Strasser Rudolf

Manz Verlag, 1992 , 208 Pages, ISBN: 3214056808


Austrian Labour Law

Goldmann Henry / Komar Andrea / Unterweger Josef

Linde, 1999, 175 Pages, ISBN: 3851228863

Games of Chance in the EU and in Austria
Strejcek Gerhard
Law - Internet - Social Aspects

Linde, 2002 ,168 Pages, ISBN: 3707303772


Developments in Austrian and Israeli Private Law

Hausmaninger / Koziol / Rabello / Gilead
Springer-Verlag, 1999 , 303 pages, ISBN: 3211833897


Investing in Austria
Preslmayr & Partners
LexisNexis, 2000, 83 pages


Legislative and Executive Governance in Austria
Gamper Anna
Braumüller, 2004, 40 pages, ISBN: 370031504X


The Austrian Banking Act

Hausmaninger Christian
Special Issue for the Österreichische Nationalbank
Manz Verlag, 2002, 278 Pages, ISBN: 3214002341


Company Law & Accounting in Austria
Andrewitch / Hammerl / McFerren / Prachner / Simon

A translation of the related provisions of the CommercialCode, etc.

Manz Verlag, 1995, 316 Pages, ISBN: 3214002163

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